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Talita Maia was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At an early age she was involved with several artistic expressions such as Theater, Ballet and classic Piano. At any chance she got, she would sneak in the auditions of the theater group at her school, where students her age were not allowed to participate. Surprisingly she would get the role and ended up performing with the group. She joined the prestigious Alice Arja dance school and took a very active interest in Judo, becoming a district Champion at the age of ten.

At the age of sixteen she got into College to study Marketing. It was also at that point in her life that she decided to take her first professional acting class. She went to study with the well-known Brazilian Director Walter Lima Jr. At some point during those 4 years getting her degree, she also decided to go to law school as a request from her family that was in the business. After one year studying at both universities she decided to abandon Law school so she could focus on Marketing and on her theater classes.

After getting her bachelors degree, she worked in a multinational advertising agency and became the youngest account executive at the agency. But Talita wanted to go pursue her hearts desire and moved to Los Angeles for acting. Once in the US, she studied under Larry Moss and several of his affiliates, Lesly Kahn and joined the Improvisation school UCB, Upright Citizen Brigade. She also took immense interest in studying Shakespeare with Rob Clare. While all these was going on, she completed a two-year Entertainment Studies program at UCLA. While working in the US, she made a solid career as a voice over actor for her home country.

Talita always had a desire to direct, she adventured into writing but never though directing was possible. In 2018, after a ski accident that required a surgery and over a year of physical therapy, she decided it was time to put her on screen acting career on hold and finally went to pursue her other dream, directing. She went to work on a Post Production house so she could learn editing and the post production process from her own experience. Tempest Desert is her film and she produced, wrote, directed and starred in. The movie got into 7 film festivals including the Oscar and Bafta qualifying LA Shorts Fest and the 35 years old film festival Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. She also owns her own production company, Citrino Productions. 





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